Business to Business Development from the Ground Up

Rarely but notably does a marketing team have the opportunity to begin with a new product even before that product has a name. For Woodbury & Morse, the BlueTarp building contractor purchase card was just such an opportunity.

Here was a fresh innovative program that combined computerized data tracking by job, with purchase information available via a password protected Internet site daily with real life credit limits to reflect the high costs associated with building materials.

We worked to develop a short list of prospective names that would resonate with our target audience, the builder, and reflect the company's understanding of the builder's day-to-day world. It was critical that the name stand out among other "cards," VISA and Mastercard notwithstanding, and also have a sense of humanity to it a dry, clinical, straightforward name would not engage our audience quickly and therefore not successfully. BlueTarp was the winning candidate named for a job site item, universal in usage in the trade and one that "covers" everything.

Next we developed an advertising campaign to introduce BlueTarp in selected markets, primarily in the mid-Atlantic states. We sought to position BlueTarp as the newest indispensable tool for the construction business. Also important was to convey that the program was developed specifically for professionals. This work was quickly followed by a special direct mail brochure presenting existing customers with a new rewards program as an incentive to develop usage.

After a year, it began to become obvious that even though building contractors loved the new purchase program, the true key to adding card holders quickly was to introduce the program directly to building material retailers as a program to replace their existing store credit program. The benefits of switching to BlueTarp were very compelling: no credit hassles, guaranteed on time payments to the retailer, and time and money saved.

The current campaign of advertisements and the sales literature has been remarkably successful. Testimonials of satisfied retail customers arrived regularly at BlueTarp.

The creation, launch and growth of this product was one of the most exciting, long-term projects with which we have had the pleasure to be involved.

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