Grand Openings

In the process of bringing new branch offices on line, Androscoggin Savings Bank had a yard stick. They wanted to see $1 million worth of newly deposited dollars at a new branch within the first six months of operation. That's where the story of our campaign to introduce Androscoggin's newest branch office in Gray, Maine begins.

We wanted to position this new banking option as approachable, a true neighborhood bank, with genuine Maine values of working diligently for its customers while not taking its corporate self too seriously. We believed that if Androscoggin would agree to something a little daring, a little unconventional, and certainly quite a bit different from the standard new branch opening fare, that this new effort could be very exciting. They did, and we developed the Gray campaign, an integration of newspaper advertising and inserts, direct mail, and promotional giveaways. For a communications package that was all-Gray, the results in the ledger were clear in black and white: instead of $1million in deposits in six months, the bank's goal, the branch met that mark in just under four weeks. The client was rather pleased.

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